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US Marshal's & MPD Arrest Three on Murder Charges

On July 28th the U.S. Marshals Great Lakes Regional Task Force apprehended SanMarco Houston in Manitowoc, WI though operation Triple Beam 1. They worked in conjunction with the Meridian Police Department Special operations unit and the U.S. Marshals Gulf Coast Regional Task Force. Houston will be extradited back to Meridian where he is being charged with drive by shooting and the murder of Jantareun Fulgham. This occurred December 27, 2020 in the area of where Hwy 45 and Hwy 39 meet. At this time Houston has no bond.

Kedarius Stribling and Kedarius Ruffin were also charged with drive by shooting and murder in reference to this case. They were both charged on July 26th and both have a bond of one million dollars.

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