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Tuesday's Severe Weather Upgrades to a Level 4

The likelihood of Severe Weather on Tuesday is strong , as the NWS increases areas to a level 4 (Moderate Risk) . Making Tornadoes likely and some of these possibly strong, damaging winds of 70 mph, and hail up to golf ball size.

I do expect the forecast to change several times between now and Tuesday, so please check back for updates. Portions of South West Lauderdale County are now a Level 4 including areas like Dunn's Fall, Stuckey's Bridge, and areas on Hwy 11 coming into the county. In Clarke county areas such as Pachuta and Enterprise are in the Level 4. Newton County would include all of the southern portion of the county to just north of I-20 including areas around Lazy Acres moving across the county to the north east over to Conehetta.

Have a Weather plan , a safe place to go, do not stay in a mobile home if a tornado warning is issued. I'll have more updates to follow as this storms nears.

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