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Triple Homicide Suspects -Have a History of Drive-by Gun Violence

If you keep up with the violence that has seemed to over take our community, these two names should ring a bell, Jyquan Radcliff and Tavion Radcliff. In March of 2020 four people were rushed to the hospital with non life threatening gunshots wounds from a drive by shooting.

Jyquan Radcliff and Tavion Radcliff were two of six people that were charged with a drive by shooting into a car.

On the afternoon of October 12th the sounds of sirens and ambulances racing toward 17th Street would beak the silence. We would soon learn that our little town would have a triple homicide. Two men found dead at the scene with multiple gun shot wounds, the third man would be flown to Jackson but would not make it. Who ever was responsible for the shootings walked out leaving a one year old child wounded.

Yesterday the Meridian Police Department announced that Jyquan Radcliff and Tavion Radcliff are both charged with capital murder and aggravated assault. More arrest may soon follow for the deaths of Kodi Davidson (22), Jacoby Jones (19), and Hunter Card (24).

If proven guilty this would be repeat offenses, a revolving door in the judicial system that has now lead to three murders.

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