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Sheriff Eric Clark has a message for Drug Dealers

"If you are a Drug Dealer in NESHOBA COUNTY and suffer from paranoia that Sheriffs Patrol units are watching you. It is real. We are Watching you! Catch You later"! Eric Clarke stated.

On Wednesday, February 23, 2022, at 5:00 pm the Neshoba County Sheriff’s Office disrupted a drug transaction in the House community at the Dollar General store. Undercover deputies observed the drug transaction and documented the events. The drug dealer was driving a white 2001 Lexus SUV and led deputies on a pursuit that covered several miles upon leaving the store. The pursuit ended near the new road construction project in the Bethsadia Community on Highway 19 south. Both drug offenders were arrested on separate traffic stops. Traffic on highway 19 was disrupted for a short time to allow deputies to gain control of the violators. The drug transaction will carry enhanced penalties due to the close proximity to a church and the possession of a firearm.

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