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Philadelphia Police Department Makes 21 Arrest In Narcotics Investigation.

Eric Lyons the Chief of Police for The Philadelphia Police Department has made 21 arrests in conjunction with an ongoing narcotics investigation that the department has been working on for the last several months. Arrest range from Sale of Controlled substance, Possession of controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, and Conspiracy to commit a crime(narcotics) . Most of the narcotics targeted in this operation have caused many deaths and led to many other crimes not only in the city of Philadelphia but also the county as a whole. The Department has encountered many cases and narcotics that contain Fentanyl which has been fatal in some investigations . For drug users to purchase what they think is methamphetamine or pain killers could possibly be Fentanyl and are unaware of what they are actually purchasing and consuming. The addition of a K9 has assisted greatly in many of the initial investigations which have led to many of these arrests. Narcotics charged and found during this investigation include: Methamphetamine, Fentanyl, Heroin, Cocaine, and Marijuana.

A search warrant of a residence on Knight St. in the city of Philadelphia was conducted on Thursday as a part of this operation where Crystal Lofton was taken into custody on a warrant for of sale of controlled substance. Officers searched the residence and found methamphetamine, Fentanyl, and drug paraphernalia which she was also charged with.

A traffic stop on Cora Street in the city of Philadelphia led to the arrest of Shaquille Shumaker of Louisville, MS. Officers recovered a package from the vehicle that Shumaker was driving containing 2 Pounds of Marijuana. Shumaker was taken into custody and transported to the Winston County Jail. MBN and Neshoba County SO also assisted in this investigation. More arrest are expected as this investigation continues.

Among others arrested are:

  • Tyler Demond Buckley (Sale of Controlled Substance, Poss. of controlled substance)

  • - Jonathan Jackson (Sale of Controlled Substance)

  • -Terry Brooks Chunn Sale of Controlled Substance)

  • -Bradley Anthony (Sale of Controlled Substance)

  • -Crystal Lofton (Sale of Controlled Sub, Poss. of controlled substance, Poss. of Paraphernalia)

  • -Walter Norris (Sale of controlled substance)

  • -Shirley Moore (Sale of controlled substance)

  • -Michael Neese (Sale of controlled substance)

  • -Madison Crocker (Possession of Controlled substance)

  • -James Jenkins (Possession of controlled substance)

  • -Patrick Stokes (possession of controlled substance)

  • -Rhoda Davis (Conspiracy to commit a crime(Narcotics)

  • -William Bell (Conspiracy to commit a crime(Narcotics)

  • -William Crell (Conspiracy to commit a crime(Narcotics)

  • -John Scott Carter II (Conspiracy to commit a crime(Narcotics)

  • -Brittany Williamson (Possession of controlled substance, Conspiracy to sale narcotics)

  • -Latesha C. Clayton (Possession of controlled substance, Conspiracy to sale narcotics

  • -Rodney Eric Copeland (Possession of drug paraphernalia)

  • -Monica J. Edwards (Possession of drug paraphernalia)

  • -Evie Pullin (Possession of drug paraphernalia)

  • -Shaquille Shumaker (Possession of Marijuana with intent)

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