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Neshoba County Sheriffs Department Arrest Car Thief

The Latest crackdown on Crime in Neshoba County.

Today around 4:25 pm near the Tucker Community there was a Gray Nissan Passenger car stolen from one of the construction workers as he worked on the road project. A field engineer observed the theft. He quickly jumped in his truck and followed the stolen car. They meandered through the backroads and eventually returned to highway 19s. Soon Neshoba County Sheriff’s Deputies entered the chase. The pursuit continued into the city of Philadelphia onto Posey Avenue. The driver reached dangerous speeds and disregarded traffic devices. She eventually made her way onto Hwy 16e and traveled to road 545 near the 16/482 intersection. The car turned onto County Road 545, where she was soon met by Neshoba Deputies who had deployed spike strips. She stopped just short of the strips and was taken into custody without incident. The arrest of 29 year old Johanna McMillian was made around 4:45 pm. She faces a multitude of misdemeanor charges along with the Felony Taking of a Motor Vehicle and Felony Fleeing. The stolen car was released to the owner at the arrest site.

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