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Mother & Child Shot In Meridian

Just before midnight a mother, her child, and another person would be traveling north on Hwy 39 near the intersection of North Hills Street when shots would ring out. Leaving the Mother and child hit with gun fire.

I spoke to a family member this morning not long after this occurred and was told that the mother was driving along when a car pulled up beside her. She heard something that sounded like a gunfire but kept going, the next thing they knew their car was riddled with gunfire.

The Meridian Police Department is investigating a shooting that occurred at just before midnight in the area of Highway 39N and North Hills Street. According to the victim when they got to the intersection of Highway 39N and North Hills Street an unknown vehicle pulled up beside them and started shooting. The driver and a child in the back seat were each struck one time by gunfire. They are both in stable condition. The third occupant in front passenger seat was unharmed. If you have any information on this incident call the Meridian Police Department 601-485-1893 or Crime Stoppers 855-485-8477.

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