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Kidnapper Arrested in Lauderdale County

Saturday evening the Lauderdale County Sheriff’s office received a BOLO from the Clinton, MS Sheriff’s Department that a father had kidnapped his 15 year old daughter and was heading east toward Meridian. Later that night a deputy would recognize the car from the description and tag number parked in the driveway of an apartment complex.

The Sheriff's department contacted the drug task force and a warrant was issued. Soon the suspect and the person who lived in the apartment would exit and get into the car and drive off. Deputies along with the task force would make a traffic stop and arrest the two without incident.

Jason Fleming has been charged with kidnapping and felon in possession of a firearm . Fredrick Alexander Vallar III was also arrested and charged with a large amount of Ecstasy. The Clinton Police Department came to Meridian and took Fleming into custody and transported him back to Clinton. The 15 year old was unharmed and returned home. A big thank you to our Law Enforcement officers going above and beyond to ensure this child was not harmed.

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