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Kemper County Arrest Report 8-2-22

Javier Velazquez-Iborra 07-26-2022 Driving with No Driver License

Javario Jenkins 07-29-2022 DUI 1st

John Palmer 07-27-2022 Felony Malicious Mischief; Burglary-Breaking and Entering Dwelling House

Heath Mays 07-26-2022 Driving While License Suspended.

Makayla Crayton 07-26-2022 Possession of Marijuana

Maxine Blalock 08-01-2022 911 Harrasment

Thomas Smith 08-01-2022 911 Harrasment.

Thomas Sykes 07-26-2022 Driving While License Suspended; No Insurance; DUI Other; Possesion of Marijuan

Patrick Wood Jr. 07-26-2022 Driving While License Suspended.

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