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Grand Jury Strongly Recommends Leadership Provide Training for Meridian Police Department Officers.

The Grand Jury heard cases for four days this week at the Lauderdale County Courthouse. The jury examined 29 witnesses , returned 206 true bills of indictment into open court, and 24 no true bills of indictment.

What is interesting are the closing remarks the Grand Jury left for Mayor Jimmy Smith and the Police Chief of the Meridian Police Department.

“We, the Grand Jury, strongly recommend that the leadership of the Meridian Police Department provide additional training to the officers and detectives of the Meridian Police Department. There is a critical need for more training in the areas of case investigation, report writing, interview and interrogation, collection and maintenance of evidence, and court room presentation. It is also recommended that the Meridian Police Department provide their officers and detectives with functioning body-worn cameras and cameras in their vehicles.”

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