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CITY Of Meridian-School Bond Election -August 9

This is a CITY election and NOT one of our County elections, therefore voters will vote in City Ward precincts and NOT County precincts. Of the 18 City Ward locations only 5 precincts will be open which is one precinct per CITY WARD.

Voters inside the city limits and voters within the separate school district are the only voters eligible to vote August 9th.

Attached is a list of the 5 CITY WARD precinct locations, a sample ballot, plus an example of voter registration cards for voters to make sure they are eligible to vote. The first example reflects under school district “SEP” and anyone with “SEP” can vote. The second example under school district reflects “a number”, as with # 1, which means these voters vote for county school board members and are NOT eligible to vote August 9 for a City School bond issue.

Absentee voting is currently available daily and City Hall will be open Saturday, July 30 and also August 6 from 8am until noon.

Voters need to refer to their voter registration card or call City Hall at 601 485-1945, or 485-1946 if any questions.

City Clerk, Brandye Latimer is in charge of this City School Bond election.

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CITY~SCHOOL BOND-07282022080620
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