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Boyd's Cleanup Latest Business to be Burglarized in Meridian.

Boyd's Clean-Up Service located at 1607 4th Street is the latest business to be broken into in Meridian. Apparently our criminals don't even take Thanksgiving off, nearly every night for the last two weeks as business has fell victim to a burglary. The alarm went off and MPD was dispatched with the owner making it there within Five minutes of being notified. The criminals left empty handed as they ran just before police arrived.

This will not be the last in this string of burglaries, make sure you have a security system and cameras to help identify the thief's. I've known the Boyd Family for at least thirty years, you will not find a more hard working and nicer family owned business in the Meridian Area. Support our local businesses , if you see something that looks odd report it to MPD by calling 601-485-1893

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